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Heibei Shijiazhuang builds a country to teach administrative platform remotely b
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From the cadre of Party member of our city country that will hold on August 22 contemporary and long-range education works the leader learns on harmonious group meeting, the our city will plan as a whole whole town teachs resource remotely about the country of the unit, teach working teaching remotely to manage platform at city class country building before the end of the year. At the appointed time, aux will be able to is made accord with our city country actual, the each respect country that includes cadre of rural Party member to be taught inside teachs a program remotely.

Establish this one platform, it is cadre of Party member of our city country the one part that contemporary and long-range education works, this job organizes a ministry to take the lead by municipal Party committee, by the each unit that the our city has the country is taught remotely, plan as a whole resource, concentrated force quantity, undertake be buildinged in all. Library of natural resources of education of level of city of platform general construction, front broadcasts transmission system of platform, resource and city class assist the establishment such as education website, library of natural resources of education of center of progressively implementation and whole nation, complete province and the interconnection each other that assist education center website are connected.

Current, the our city already built cadre of rural Party member class of county of contemporary and long-range education transmits a station 18, the country receives terminal 2745, will enclothe completely at administrative village coming true by 2009.

After education manages platform building, will blend in cadre of Party member of our city country system of job of contemporary and long-range education, country of compositive our city is contemporary and long-range education is completely free " freeway " , transmission content is taught except cadre of rural Party member outside, still include the country such as sanitation of agricultural science and technology, medical treatment to produce the life each respect content. The our city has the city straight department of rural long-range education, can rely on the making ability of platform and network, accord with those who make our city country's practical each aspect to teach a program to convey to every country terminal.

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