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Farmer of Shanxi of every bits of bit mouse is stridden " the network trades tim
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Network application is one of marks with Chinese modern trend, for the farmer that bears day day to look out loess, leave them very far it seems that. 2008, the farmer Guo Wei that I save Great Harmony county to build village of head of kiln of the home that press down Guo doubly strode the netizen's cavalcade eventually. Other netizen gets online basically is to watch news, chat, hear music, and Guo Wei gets online is to pass network of dealer of new rural area to promote farming by-product. Network of have the aid of, he sells on the net for the first time gave 60 sheep, every sheep sold more 100 multivariate, earned more than 20000 yuan more at a draught.

Now, more and more Shanxi farmers carry network of dealer of new rural area this one platform sells milk cow, sell watermelon, sell corn... the by a definite date that holds in network of dealer of new rural area the summer of a month farming butt joint of the purchase and sale on by-product net is met on, my province was obtained clinch a deal the quantity resides the whole nation the achievement of the 6th, assembly hands in amount to amount to 121.1 million yuan, shanxi farmer to " the network trades " times stride.

every bits of bit mouse " Shanxi characteristic " strike throughout the country

Enter website of national Department of Commerce, click rural dealer network, fill in pertinent information... require a few step only, the farmer thinks the produce that sell is released to the net, the travelling merchant of countrywide each district is in can see for a short while.

The villager plum that Great Harmony county makes village of ground of the water austral fort countryside cultivates year of person that the first batch be network of dealer of new rural area is benefited. He says: "Our countryside is watermelon cultivates large family, whole country watermelon cultivates an area to be in every year 10000 mus of above, every arrive when watermelon is mature, I sell watermelon with respect to help villagers, do the work of some of agent, earn a dot to serve cost from which. In former years, come to what watermelon buys here have Beijing and Tianjin only the client of two ground, buying the price also is not very tall. This year, the watermelon variety that I use network of dealer of new rural area to grow our rural area, area, autumn is released after going out, the effect is particularly good, come here to buy watermelon besides old client, still have the new client of and other places of Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Tang Shan, watermelon buys the price 4 days inside by first two part 5 minutes of cash are swelled to present triangle 6 minutes money. Watermelon buys the price 4 days inside by first two part 5 minutes of cash are swelled to present triangle 6 minutes money..

Additional, wang Peng of farmer of Xin state city adopts the platform that network of dealer of new rural area builds, promote oneself milk cow variety energetically, arrived in August 2007 between June 2008, altogether sells a 9990 head milk cow, every all valence 7474 yuan, total amount amounts to many yuan 7000.
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