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Composition of region of countrywide advantage produce plans (2008, 2015)
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" composition of advantage produce region plans (2003~2007 year) " carry out 5 years to come, the right leader in the Party Central Committee, the State Council and of concerned branch support energetically below, composition of region of production of our country agriculture and advantage produce industry took construction to obtain apparent level sex effect, be opposite to answer " into the world " challenge, stimulative agriculture stability develops and the farmer is added continuously close made important contribution, effectively propped up national economy to develop smoothly quickly.

Current, development of rural economics of our country agriculture is faced with resource to restrain increasingly hasten the new condition with more intense competition of growth of tigidity of demand of close, produce, market, to ensuring produce gross balance, structure is balanced and mass promotion posed more grim challenge. The development that gets used to a situation changes, gift of resource of base oneself upon, continue to advance composition of advantage produce region to plan to carry out deep, appear particularly pressing. Must enrich advantage produce breed further, optimize agricultural region composition, adjust area function fixed position and main attack direction, develop good agriculture area to compare a dominant position further; Must get used to produce industry to take development law further, industry of clear advantage produce brings the level sex demand of construction, push industrial assemble and promotion actively, produce the oriented effect of good program further, advance agricultural area to change, specialization development, modernization of agriculture of stimulative China characteristic.

According to the requirement that a file does well to composition of advantage produce region plans and be built about continueing in the center of 2008, on the foundation that plans to carry out a circumstance in on summary one round, the work out plans originally.

One, " composition of advantage produce region plans (2003~2007 year) " executive main effect and problem

(one) main effect

Through effort of 5 years, " composition of advantage produce region plans (2003~2007 year) " (the following abbreviation " program " ) firm development objective comes true basically. " program " in agricultural infrastructure application development of achievement of science and technology of construction, agriculture and great agriculture project arrange the fundamental sex with waited for a respect to develop important oriented action, promoted structure of layout of space of produce of our country advantage, breed, quality structure to be optimized ceaselessly, aggrandizement resource is reasonable use, the dimensions that promoted an advantage area apparently is changed, specialization, commercialize and industrialization level, effective slow down " enter a life " the concussion to our country agriculture.
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