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Research center of intellectual property of agriculture of Chinese agriculture a
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On September 12, research center of intellectual property of agriculture of Chinese agriculture academy of sciences uncovers card ceremony to be held in Beijing. Bureau of intellectual property of concerned expert of the place of scientific research courtyard such as university of people of courtyard of Chinese farming division, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and school and Ministry of Agriculture, country attended to uncover card ceremony about the unit.

When education of science and technology of Ministry of Agriculture manages spring of swallow of vice director stone is accepting this network reporter to interview, say, when this age bound, develop as intellectual economy and economic globalization development, what intellectual property becomes a country to develop increasingly is strategical the core element of resource and international competition ability, those who become construction innovation state is important the key that prop up and masters development to counterpoise actively. Agricultural intellectual property is the main component of intellectual property system, the sense of Chinese future development that regards agriculture as big country to safeguard is great.

According to Introduction Shi Yanquan, in recent years, enterprise of intellectual property of our country agriculture develops flourishingly. Agricultural patent applies for a quantity to increase considerably, invent patent scale to rise ceaselessly; 95.0% what produce geography indicates protection occupies geographical mark to protect number; 8% what produce registered trade mark occupies brand to register gross about; Plant new breed counterpoises year of application quantity jump house UPOV member the 4th.

Shi Yanquan tells a reporter, our country is in the process that advances progress of career of agricultural intellectual property ceaselessly, be faced with a lot of theory and real problem to need to study systematically deep, need the situation with accurate system to hold especially, scientific and meticulous future prepares seek, cogent strengthen scientific research project approving, carry out, check and accept and the whole journey management that changes application, trap of effective and evasive intellectual property, the property right of stimulative research achievement is changed, and of property right achievement commercialize. Of research center of intellectual property of agriculture of courtyard of Chinese farming division hold water, can farther conformity the research natural resources of each respect, condense research force, begin research of problem of agricultural intellectual property deep extensively, develop to promoting health of career of intellectual property of our country agriculture, cogent carry out fulfil goal of strategy of national intellectual property to have important sense.

As we have learned, research center of intellectual property of agriculture of courtyard of Chinese farming division is by home relevant research organization and professional are comprised one, basically be engaged in the academic orgnaization that the problem studies related agricultural intellectual property, aim to pass collaboration of investigation and study, communication, education to groom, stimulative course development, offer decision-making support, promotional international collaboration, enhance a person with ability education, drive information to share.
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