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Policy sex agriculture is sure to want real benefit farming
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China protects inspect to meet a chairman Wu Dingfu was in a few days ago when center of Jilin of insurance company of An Hua agriculture raises firm survey, emphasize, insurance must understand the important significance with policy sex safe agriculture adequately, high quality ground makes each service such as good reason compensate, cogent the benefit the State Council of the Party Central Committee farming policy falls to real point.

Wu Dingfu emphasizes, business of insurance of agriculture of sex of policy of insurance company management should be accomplished " 5 open " , namely benefit farming policy result of compensate of open, manage makes public circumstance of open, accept insurance, open, superintendency requirement makes public service standard. Should investigate misdirect of developing of insurance of policy sex agriculture and practise fraud to wait gravely lawfully violate compasses act, cogent protection is very extensive the legitimate rights and interests of the farmer. Want to do good take precautions against natural calamities actively to defend caustic work, reduce natural disaster to produce brought loss to agriculture, help farmer rises resist the ability of the risk. Should simplify manage compensate program, accomplish compensate of convenient and seasonable manage. Continue exploration and governmental couplet do, do sth for sb for the government wait for a variety of management means and management mode, perfect the moving mechanism with policy sex safe agriculture stage by stage.

Wu Dingfu points out, doing insurance of agriculture of good policy sex Wu while, the experience that should develop polymorphous type, much channel actively farming safe. Encourage and support development of each insurance company to guarantee measurable, insurance cost cheap, guarantee slip the agricultural insurance product with convenient compensate of common, manage, establish the service network that suits agricultural insurance and sale channel, raise agriculture to be sure to serve a level ceaselessly.

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