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71 villages realize fierce exterminate hill network informatization
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Wu Yi is street be located in out-of-the-way Wu Qi village, a flock of villagers are being embraced before village ministry, good to firm installation electron displays screen, click of the tongue praises, "Can see village Wu open letter cease with it later " . Since August 18, the 50 news station that adds newly this year is ordinal undertake installation of electronic network equipment is debugged, already finished entirely at present, fierce exterminate hill takes the lead in realizing the network informatization that has 71 administrative village in Fujian north area.

Long-term since, wu of village of Wu Qi village can use chalk publicly to be written in every quarter on blackboard only last time, water comes, rush very ambiguously, the villager looks not easily clear not to say, and fail to understand in time. "Had liquid crystal to display screen now, the newest trends of respect of law, family planning can in time be shown above, plant diseases and insect pests of concerned agriculture pisciculture, market level also can make farmer study seasonable master through displaying screen, simple, convenient, quick. " the village is raised appoint Yu Jisong has feeling greatly. Informatization brought the unobstructed that village Wu information manages not only into the village, and drew science and technology to become rich for the farmer way.

This year, fierce exterminate hill throws more than yuan 400 to implement benefit farming project again, on the base that built 21 pilot villages last year, connect 50 villages again, each build station of a news, deploy on 6 to a computer of 12 liquid crystal, feeling number of a TV of a screen, liquid crystal, LED displays screen, receive on broadband. As we have learned, the construction that information stands, fill the blank of these village network broadbands. This main radiate compares network of information of new rural area out-of-the-way administrative village, information is opposite since these village head are long lag, of website sth resembling a net enlightened, narrow on will certain level " digital chasm " , let a farmer share the Information Industry and informatization development fruit.

The farmer can realize 6 big gain through digitlizing network platform. Examine information: Information of government affairs, business affairs, science and technology; Find the market: Farming quotations of information of by-product supply and demand, price, market is forecasted; Look for a government: Through dialing 5131890 namely " Wu Yi hill one batch clever " , and of net of government affairs of fierce exterminate hill politics civilian interactive complain platform; Ask an expert: Enter long-range video science and technology to groom diagnose a system with the expert, motion leaves a message or choose pair of dot interlocution tools, can undertake with the expert the network interacts; Learn a skill: Learn knowledge of agricultural science and technology and skill; Have recreation: See a movie, watch TV, see books wait.
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