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71 villages realize fierce exterminate hill network informatization
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Fierce exterminate hill " digital fierce smooths " project of informatization of new rural area builds chief introduction, since 21 first villages built comprehensive information service station last year, include pilot village builds informatization of the 2nd batch of 50 new rural areas this year, every village provides manager of information of a full-time, it is early days course grooms strictly with exam choose, can provide guidance at any time and place for farmer friend so. And every news station has on wall " the villager uses a system " , stick have an attention wholesome, prohibit the caution card such as smoking. Accomplish standardization of informatization of new rural area, civilization to change.

Nowadays, frequency of good news of informatization of new rural area of Wu Yi mountain passes: Already held in both hands the whole nation is newly county of rural informatization example (city) , countrywide agriculture informatization precedes first informatization of 50 strong, China helps informatization of city of area, China up the honor such as demonstrative base of level of deficient project state. In the meantime, in January 2005 governor Huang Xiaojing makes instructions " digital fierce smooths " informatization practice is saving a key to publicize completely.

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