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Family of 10 thousand countries realizes Ningxia " village of broadcasting telev
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Ningxia 2008 20 above already village of village of broadcasting television of implementation of electrify nature village connects spot view and emulate to will be held in salt pond county on September 9, the family of 10 thousand countries of village of nature of scotoma of 270 20 above broadcasting television can visit whole area before 50 Daqing electrify is inspected, hear broadcast.

Yang Chunguang of minister of ministry of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda is met for the spot cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony announces 2008 20 above already family of 10 thousand country realizes electrify nature village " village of broadcasting television village is connected " . Yang Chunguang walks into a few farmhouse and farmer to watch TV together. Understand here to just can see individual table in the evening only so when him, the program is punch-drunk still, the TV of farmer home can be become only decoration, and can see now include a CCTV each channel and city of countrywide most province defend video channel program inside when many 40 TV program with image clarity, good acoustic quality, say again and again, this is the big real thing that municipal Party committee, government does for masses.

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