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Center of national commissariat information: Chinese grain price will keep stabl
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Xinhua News Agency breaths out Er together together on August 31 special telegram recently, be in China (Qiqihaer) the Chinese grain that holds during fair of food of the 8th green is oily on market information seminar, road of Yang Wei of vice director of center of national commissariat information expresses, crisis of food of alive this year bound, below the circumstance that international grain price soars, chinese commissariat hopeful continues to realize increase production, total output will achieve 510 million tons of above, domestic commissariat price will carry smoother state basically.

Yang Wei way says, since this year, on the foundation that overcomes snow of rain of the beginning of the year to put the calamity such as aspic on the ice to affect in effort, production of our country agriculture maintains good progress momentum, early rice crop keeps balance basically, autumn grain the way corp is growing is good. Fall in the circumstance that price of international market grain soars this year especially, the produce such as the commissariat of our country is supplied enough, the price is stabilized basically. Occupy national information center to forecast, total output of our country grain will amount to 511.5 million tons 2008, add many tons 1000 completely than 2007. Among them, rice crop will achieve one hundred and eighty-five million four hundred and ninety thousand tons, add 1.01 million tons completely than 2007; Wheaten crop will achieve one hundred and nine million eight hundred and sixty thousand tons, add 2.64 million tons completely than 2007; Corn will achieve one hundred and fifty-one million eight hundred and thirty thousand tons, add 4.17 million tons completely than 2007; Legume will achieve 17.54 million tons, add 3.46 million tons completely than 2007.

Yang Wei road thinks, because hopeful of our country commissariat realizes increase production the 5th year continuously, though increase production range is narrow, but of all kinds breed all appears in those days balance, together with country is bought through what lowest buys valence grain and auction the method of macroscopical adjusting control such as the activity, domestic commissariat price will carry smoother state basically.

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