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Novelty of villager of Zhejiang dragon spring experiences agricultural informati
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As push a country informatization and " 3 nets are shirt-sleeve " an innovation mode, tell Henan company by Chinese net bear build " cadre of Henan country Party member is contemporary and long-range educational project " the attention that gets entire industry all the time. A few days ago, henan province holds cadre of rural Party member contemporary and long-range education 1 million enter a project to drive mass rally, put forward to continue strong thrust takes project of this innovation project, benefit farming project, common feelings of people, the site is received to add an user newly to want to achieve by this year 500 thousand, next year reappearance exhibits 500 thousand, cadre of Party member of country of implementation Henan province is contemporary and long-range education " 1 million enter door " target.

Continue to popularize long-range education to enter the demonstrative mind of a job according to central leader, henan provincial Party committee organized a ministry to start long-range education to join a project in the round. Ministry of organization of Henan provincial Party committee and Henan net connected combination to give out " contemporary and long-range education enters cadre of Party member of nice about be being done seriously rural area an announcement that plans related the job " , ask various organization branch and company of net reduction of fractions to a common denominator make clear the task, with the Party member science and technology of central door, culture sets an example door, Party member poineering leader for the key, include important program, place prominent place, ensure it is good to catch grip. Drive action through setting an example, recuperate breed large family, village does demonstrative base of enterprise, agriculture to wait bring into development object, go to experience farming deep course of study, town enterprise, school, family is outspread, let more people enjoy the fruit that teachs project remotely.

Connect by Henan net 3 years ago bear the cadre of rural Party member that build is contemporary and long-range educational project, receive a site to already enclothed Henan to visit all villages and towns and the administrative village of 97% at present, site amount, site is enclothed rate all occupy countrywide first place. Systematic program capacity achieves 60T, opened channel of 10 TV living broadcast in all, integrated website of TV of 150 graphs article, the hit exceeded 5 billion times. Current, the country teachs a system remotely to already became Henan to bear the weight of business is phyletic most, content is the richest, participate in a branch capacity of the widest, system is the biggest, practical the strongest comprehensive information platform. This " let a cadre often get education, make the farmer gets material benefit for a long time, consolidate the party is in office in the country foundation " educational platform, becoming the integrated platform that advances construction of new rural area and rural informatization gradually, become advance " 3 nets are shirt-sleeve " successful exploration.
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