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The Ministry of Agriculture is urgent deploy: Strengthen unripe Xian Niu to suck
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Milk powder of infant of 3 deer card 3 get together after cyanogen amine pollutes incident happening, the Ministry of Agriculture reacts quickly, on September 12, 13 days, sun Zhengcai's minister is chaired continuously hold urgent meeting, special subject considers to strengthen milk giving birth to delicacy and quality safety to supervise the work further. Sun Zhengcai emphasizes, food safety concerns the personal interest of numerous people, relationship economy coordinates development and social harmony stability, various farming herd branch wants from safeguard people life safety and grandma farming the height of personal interest, carry out the working deploy of the Party Central Committee, the State Council stoutly, rapid organization begins quality of milk giving birth to delicacy special inspection, ensure unripe Xian Niu suckles quality safety. It is good to cooperate closely to be done about the branch at the same time answer the job. On September 14, the Ministry of Agriculture issues urgent announcement, strengthen unripe Xian Niu to suckle production and quality safety to manage further, the key has done the work of 6 respects.

   It is to enhance quality of opposite bright milk the constituent leader that special inspection works. Establish quality of milk giving birth to delicacy quickly special inspection working party, main leader wants personally assume leadership, the direct before leaning, chase class to fulfil apanage of produce quality safety to manage responsibility, make clear working system, ensure the job reachs the designated position, personnel reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, ensure special inspection job finishs on time, put an end to unqualified milk giving birth to delicacy to flow into the market.

   2 it is the organization begins milk giving birth to delicacy quality safety is special monitor. The Ministry of Agriculture will be right the 50 keys county that the production suckling course of study such as Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Henan, Heibei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Beijing saves greatly, and city of key of milk products consumption begins safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy special monitor, at the same time each district wants an organization to begin safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy to monitor, to the farm, production that suckle a source the sampling observation of base is enclothed rate must not little at 50% . To already was being reported 3 get together the farm suckling a source of the company of milk powder production of cyanogen amine, base should begin a key to monitor, strengthen safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy to superintend in the round.

   3 beStrengthen manufacturing situation to monitor with industrial minister. Strengthen this area under administration raw bright milk is bought and dairy produce sale monitors metabolic situation, make milk giving birth to delicacy buy lash-up beforehand case, research suckles the effective form of station management, cogent maintain grandma farming interest. Play suckles the action of trade association, strengthen an industry to control oneself, guide other milkings to machine an enterprise to enlarge grandma source to buy, prevent to produce a grandma to kill bovine phenomenon. Analyse the effect that this incident develops to the industry jointly with concerned branch development, assess pecuniary loss, put forward to help dairy produce enterprise and milk cow farm (door) overshoot the policy measure of difficulty.
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