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4000 actor or actress much newlier especially thoroughbred will appear on Guangz
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Recently, the reporter popularizes terminal, Guangdong to save agriculture from technology of Guangdong province crop center of thoroughbred demonstrative promotion understands, will more than 4000 actor or actress newly especially this year thoroughbred in what will hold December Guangdong saved agriculture 2008 thoroughbred set an example reveal and appear on Guangzhou seed Fair, come from among them plant internationally the breed of estate company research and development exceeds 2500, involve eggplant fruit, melon kind, muskmelon kind, Xie Cai kind, legume, rootstock kind, green garlic kind, corn kind with grain oily crop kind etc.

Technology of Guangdong province crop popularizes Hong Sheng of terminal head of a station to introduce, guangdong province agriculture is thoroughbred set an example reveal can begin to hold from 2002, come 6 years, reveal the admirable breed that comes from world each district to amount to in all 13000 many, popularize 30 many admirable breed every year independently, set an example drive promotion 300 many admirable breed, in the whole nation promotion area achieves 40 million mus.

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