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Trade of classics of collaboration of thing of medium and small businesses of co
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In September 12, 15 days, sponsor by Ministry of Agriculture and combination of government office of civil administration of person of the Gansu Province " thing of medium and small businesses of countrywide town enterprise cooperated to negotiate via trade 2008 meeting " cool city is made the same score be held successfully in the Gansu Province, this is come from 2001 my ministry and government of people of the Gansu Province are carried out to carry out the State Council western the collaboration of the 6th thing that big development strategy holds negotiates via trade activity. Come from more than 10 provinces such as Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian (area, city) with the plan sheet lists city, and the official of the country such as Holand, Germany, Russia and entrepreneur form a delegation ginseng meeting, join meeting number to amount to 6000 more than person.

Wei Chaoan of undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture attends an opening ceremony on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and make a speech. He points out, trade of classics of collaboration of thing of countrywide town enterprise negotiates meeting, stabilized development to have positive stimulative effect continuously to promoting society of economy of the Gansu Province not only, also cooperate to promoting thing of countrywide town enterprise, form an advantage complementary, joint development and benign and interactive area coordinated development mechanism to make important contribution.

Wei Chaoan's undersecretary emphasizes, in our country reforming and opening 30 years during, the town enterprise is facing new opportunity and challenge, bear is worn more main responsibility. Broad cadre worker develops to promote rural economics society and farmer obtain employment adds town enterprise of hope whole nation close, to accelerate construction socialism new rural area and compose build harmonious society to make new larger contribution ceaselessly.

Current " be in harmony of trade of countrywide countryside look forward to is met " achievement plentiful and substantial, sign project of capital attraction contract in all 749, investment amount 40.57 billion yuan, the autograph makes an appointment with amount of project, investment to be all previous most; The autograph makes an appointment with project domain extensive, covered one, 2, 3 industries, highlight again at the same time environmental protection, energy-saving, can develop continuously.

Bureau of town enterprise of Ministry of Agriculture (produce treatment bureau) Lu Yongjun of director Ganshiming, deputy director general also attended opening ceremony, project to recommend wait for an activity about with project autograph.

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