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The Ministry of Agriculture will suckle industry stress county to spread out bri
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The Ministry of Agriculture will be right the production suckling course of study such as Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Henan, Heibei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Beijing is saved greatly (area, city) 50 keys county, and city of key of milk products consumption begins safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy special monitor. Each district also develops the organization safety of quality of milk giving birth to delicacy to monitor.

Milk powder of recipe of infant of 3 deer card 3 get together after cyanogen amine pollutes incident happening, the Ministry of Agriculture works related quick disposition, ask branch of herd of each district farming establishs quality of milk giving birth to delicacy quickly special inspection working party, chase class to fulfil apanage of produce quality safety to manage responsibility, make clear working system, ensure the job reachs the designated position, personnel reachs the designated position, measure reachs the designated position, ensure special inspection job finishs on time, put an end to unqualified milk giving birth to delicacy to flow into the market.

The Ministry of Agriculture will increase pair of standardization milk cow to breed a village () milk with mechanization the administrative strength of the station, guide breed a concentration to raise, strengthen the technology that breeds link to groom, carry out standardization dimensions to breed mode. Strict the requirement according to pasturage law, all dimensions farm (village) should build investment to taste record and record of cure of animal epidemic disease. Forbidden use and add national explicit order to ban with medicines and chemical reagents, carry out strictly cease medical period. Village of milk cow breed aquatics and farm should establish the quality that suckle a source to manage supervisor, station of responsible grandma source control, grandma supervises the work, milk of determined blow unripe delicacy is adulterate the illegal conduct that makes a holiday.

Requirement of Ministry of Agriculture, branch of director of feed of each district pasturage wants to produce enterprise and milk cow farm to the milk cow feed inside area under administration (village) have comprehensive examination from burden, put an end to banned medicaments and harmful and chemical substance are added in feed. Company of each feed production should fulfil manufacturing notes, product strictly to take shape observation and but date from system, make sure feed product quality is safe. To the illegal production, company that manage and adds banned medicaments and harmful and chemical substance, want a basis " feed and feed additive regulation " , determined blow, severity is investigated.

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