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Liaoning each district increases investment to purchase 3 get together cyanogen
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To raise feed of drug of city class animal censorial place 3 get together of cyanogen amine detect ability, quality of cogent safeguard feed is safe, liaoning visits each town in succession appropriate special funds is purchased detect 3 get together cyanogen amine place must instrument equipment. Up to now, dalian city finance allocates funds 3.2 million yuan, finance of battalion mouth city allocates funds 1.45 million yuan, n city finance allocates funds 590 thousand yuan, finance of distant in relief city allocates funds 300 thousand yuan, finance of city of bright and beautiful state allocates funds 270 thousand yuan, benxi city finance allocates funds 200 thousand yuan, use at purchasing equipment and working funds. In the meantime, company of each feed production also is in active finance, purchase detect 3 get together the instrument equipment that cyanogen amine place requires.

In addition, liaoning saves each city to be begun actively still special execute the law examination. Up to on October 8, accumulative total dispatchs movement of establishment of disinfection of quality of the milk cow health that 7452 person-time stand to be being suckled 450 times entirely, milk, implemental environment, cold chain, sale is carried wait for link to carry out whole journey to supervise an examination, in delivering raw now bright milk, add artificially 3 get together the illegal behavior of the harmful and chemical material such as cyanogen amine; Accumulative total dispatchs feed executes the law feedstuff of company of production of feed of milk cow of 14856 person-time examination, albumen produces examination staff enterprise, use the milk cow farm that matchs feed oneself door 9349, already investigated all right according to concerned law classics to investigated problem product.

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